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You should now have taken the ELI. Please review the ELI Information Folder under Content Materials to review some of the literature on the ELI and the presentation on it.

1.Does the preliminary description of your identified lens resonate with you?

2.Ask a close friend or family member whether they think this lens reflects the values that underlie your actions.

3.Do you think this lens is your primary lens at work? At home? In social settings? What is your evidence for that belief.


first discussion : Ethical Lens

The rights/responsibilities lens on ethics best resonates and fits in my life. This is with the consideration of how I do my things and the responses that I receive from the relatives, people I interact with, and close friends. Some of the specific values that I have are the advocacy for truthfulness and transparency in all the issues and being honest. I like being honest to people and expect the same from them but this at times fails. Freedom of speech for me is of paramount importance because I don’t like being limited in terms of what, where, why, and when I speak. I take responsibilities where they are due and I am the one who is supposed to do that as well as where I am capable of.

When I asked one of my friends about my values, he told me ‘you are very strict, cautious and open at the same time’. The statement affirms that my lens on rights and responsibilities resonates with my values because I like being truthful and transparent to everyone I interact with. When I explained what I believe to be my drivers on social ethics lens-rights/responsibilities he said that I exactly fit in that category and realized that it is my character and my ethical lens. ‘Yes… that is right’ he said.

I like being myself in all the places, be it at work, at home or in social settings. For me, whoever is not trustworthy, honesty, and transparent to me, I just terminate the relationship irrespective of what type it is. I like expressing my feelings at work, home, and in social places without the fear of intimidation because I don’t like oppressive situations that I am not comfortable in. If something is not okay for me I say it and declare my stand on the same.


second discussion :

1. It does resonate for me. I do see myself this way and am not surprised to see that I got the Responsibilities Lens. Sometimes it sucks, being the responsible one, when nobody asked for it, but I can’t help it. I definitely get this from my parents and it is just what I experienced growing up.

2. They agreed that it mostly reflects my decisions and values. For the time that they’ve known me, this has been my personality and in different situations, they have been able to see this rationality and perspective that I act with.

3. This would definitely be my primary lens at work, school and at home. I think the best proof of this are the long-term outcomes from these settings. For example with school, it would be my grades, GPA, and recognition from professors. At work, I prioritize my tasks and try to forget about everything else. The reason I don’t think it’s my main lens in social settings is because I tend to just go with the crowd, which is usually a good crowd, but I’m a little bit more laid-back, because I can afford to be, if that makes sense…

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