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Neighborhood Portrait : Historical Timeline in Chicago/ Neighborhood in Chicago

1. Which neighborhood are you writing about?

2. Who were the first people to live in the neighborhood? Is this group of people, or their descendants, still there?

Who has lived there since then? Are there groups of people who moved in and then left?

Who lives there now?

For each of these answers, provide a range of decades indicating when the group lived there.

3. Is the neighborhood homogeneous (occupied by just one group of people) or does it contain multiple distinct groups?

If it is now homogeneous, did it used to be mixed, or vice versa?
If it has been mixed, have the different groups there tended to coexist happily, or have there been conflicts?
For each of these answers, provide a range of decades.

4. Is the neighborhood linked to any particular industry?
Has it been linked to a particular industry in the past?
Provide a range of decades with each of these answers.

5. How would you describe the mix of socioeconomic classes in the neighborhood?
Are most people of a similar socioeconomic class, or is there a lot of variation?
Has the mix of socioeonomic classes changed over time?

Provide a range of decades with each of these answers.

6. What modes of transportation do people in the neighborhood usually use? Do most people own cars? How do they commute to work? Within the neighborhood, do they tend to drive or walk?
What was the transportation situation at various periods in the neighborhood’s past?
Provide a range of decades with these answers.

7. Are there any famous events associated with the neighborhood? Provide dates.

8. Does the neighborhood have any famous residents, now or in the past? Provide dates.

9. Is the neighborhood known for any distinctive cultural expressions, such as art, music, poetry, theater, food, or street festivals?
Provide dates.

10. Having answered all of these questions, list some possible themes for your Neighborhood Portrait.

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