Museum Visit & Report


Museum Visit & Report

This assignment requires that you visit a local Art Museum of your choice to evaluate in essay form your review of a work of art. Check out local Art Museums online to decide which Museum you would like to visit. You must attach proof of your visit to the Museum to your paper, or your paper will be disqualified.

Choose a painting only (no sculpture, tapestry, photograph, etc.) to which you are especially drawn. You will notice that the requirements to respond to the assignment apply only to a painting.

Select any one work within the Museum and discuss it in a DOUBLE SPACED essay (1100 word minimum) in your own words. (Any essay less than 1100 words will result in an automatic deduction of 20 points from your Essay grade). Do not repeat the Assignment questions in your essay. Make the answers to those questions a part of your essay.

You must attach a photo of your painting to your essay (see instructions below).

No late submissions are allowed as you have multiple weeks to complete this assignment. Canvas/Computer issues are no excuse for lack of submissions. Contact the Canvas Helpline or Distance Education for assistance on downloading either the essay or the attachment of the artwork.

Prior to your review of the painting, respond to the following.

Museum Visited

Date of Visit

Artist (do NOT write more than 2 sentences on the Artist. The theme of this assignment is the ARTWORK).


What made you choose this particular piece?

What makes this artwork a “must see” from your point of view?

What is the title of the work of art?

Who created it?

Where was it created?


What is the medium of the work of art? Acrylic, Oil, Pen & Ink, etc.

What are the dimensions?

What is represented?

Who is represented?

Is it

a myth?

a landscape?

a portrait?

a genre (a scene from everyday life) painting?

a religious scene?

abstract – something else?

Take an inventory of what you see.

List everything that is in front of you.

Formal Analysis

What is the mood of the painting?

What is your initial reaction to it?

How has the artist utilized the elements of composition line, texture, space, color and shape to create this mood, or establish the content of the work via the following (click on The Elements of Art to access the document – The Elements of ArtLinks to an external site.

(Links to an external site.):

(Copy and paste this link into your Browser if you cannot access it here).

You must address all 6 Elements of Art in your paper as well as the following questions:

What is the focal point?

How do the elements of composition draw you into the painting?

Is the texture slick or matte?

Shiny or dull?

Describe the color harmonies and contrasts in the composition.

Are warm colors (those colors that are warm in nature, red-yellow-orange) used by the artist?

Are cool colors (those colors that are cool in nature, violet-green-blue) used by the artist?

Is there an overall color theme or tonality used?


Your Museum Assignment is intentionally prepared for you to address the assignment questions (in essay form) in YOUR OWN WORDS. I do not want to know what someone else knows or thinks about the art work you have chosen. However, to receive credit you must know this: you cannot just list a bunch of references at the end of the essay without giving credit to whose work you have used in your essay. There should not be more than a sentence or two where you would need to reference information for your essay anyway.

A reminder that the paper MUST be in Essay Format. Do not include any of the Assignment questions themselves in your Essay. They are a reference for you to address ALL of them in your Essay. Do not use Bullet Points. Only compose an Essay.

Remember – if you have taken a sentence, or specific phrases from any work other than your own, then you MUST give a proper reference, immediately after the sentence(s) that you have included. If you do not do this, and list only a reference in a WORKS CITED page at the end of the essay, you will not receive credit. In other words, no WORKS CITED page or essay will count unless you immediately reference the citation WITHIN the essay itself.

Citations are mandatory if any material/sources are copied/used. If they are not included, an automatic zero (0) will be recorded for your grade. Your Instructor will use UniCheck, the web-based plagiarism software tool to detect any plagiarism in your submitted assignments. This Museum Assignment and Visit are worth 40 points – DO NOT CHEAT! Finally – remember, the essay must be in your own words, not the Museum’s description of the artwork, or its details, or that of any other source. You must use the template attached to the Museum Report and address those points in a written essay (not bullet points). To be clear, it is not necessary to use any more than 1 or 2 citations within this essay.

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