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Marketing and Advertising

Prior to beginning work on this interactive assignment, read Chapter 9 from your text as well as the Bain (2014), Bryant (1998), and Freeman (2001) articles.

Marketing and advertising are not only staples of the business world but are also essential to the fields of law enforcement and corrections. Numerous studies have shown that community outreach, media portrayals, and public educational programs can be valuable tools for enhancing perceptions of law enforcement and corrections (see the required articles for this week).

For this interactive assignment, you will take on the role of a media outreach representative for either a law enforcement agency or a correctional organization. You have been called upon to create a marketing and advertising campaign aimed at improving public perception of your respective organization.

Create a PowerPoint presentation containing at least five slides detailing your media campaign. You must take into consideration the importance of branding, marketing, and advertising in your campaign. Tailor your efforts to focus on members of the general public.

In order to create cleaner slides, you may make use of the speaker’s notes section in each slide to draft what you would say if you were presenting the information. To make your presentation more interesting, include visual enhancements in your slides such as appropriate images, distinctive fonts, animations, or active transitions from content piece-to-content piece and slide-to-slide. Students may wish to use the Where to Get Free Images guide (available in the online classroom) for assistance with accessing freely available public domain and/or Creative Commons licensed images.) It is recommended that you access Garr Reynolds’ Top Ten Slide Tips (Links to an external site.) that provides useful assistance with creating successful PowerPoint presentations.

Your media campaign presentation must include the following:

  • Explain the elements of public finance and budget management as applied to your selected organization and how marketing and advertising is best accomplished within your organization.
  • Discuss how various marketing strategies can be used to increase public perception of the organization while considering both advantages and disadvantages of the technical aspects of budgeting and finance.
  • Explain the financial constraints that arise in budgeting due to marketing and advertising demands.

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