management project paper

The purpose of the project is two-fold. First and foremost, how management happens in real-life. Second, to apply the concepts and relations we talked about
during the course. I want you to try to take this project as a learning experience for you to engage your faculties
and interests . Hence, it is your call to find something interesting
and useful to present to me.

You are free to choose any aspect of the company to study. That could be a challenge, a
business opportunity, and/or a managerial issue. You can analyze a problem or showcase any special attributes
of the company.

Your paper must include:

1. A description of the Company and reasons why it was selected.
2. The company’s history, background and mission. How is it organized, what does it do, what markets does it operate in, who does it compete with.

3. The core values and beliefs of the company and how these are translated into action.

4. How the company plans its activities including the planning process management uses and some detailand examples of its strategic, tactical and operational plans.

5. How the company is lead including the attributes and leadership styles of top management and methods and techniques management employees to motivate employees. Be specific, provide examples

6. Future challenges facing the company and your assessment of how the management, organizational
culture, history, etc…. of the company can support it as it moves forward. Be specific as possible. Try to pick one or two challenges and dig deeper.

7. Explore something special about the company and relate it to the topics we discussed in class. That could be something about the leadership style, social/environmental involvement, the organizational culture,
etc… Be specific and analytical.

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