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1.Conducting a wage and salary survey is very important for any industry or company. Conducting this survey companies can identify how much money is being allocated to different employees from different departments in a company. Usually companies pay for third-party companies who can perform these surveys by doing analysis of the people in a company. Like, what job title requires what amount of salary or wage. The analysis is performed by comparing different companies depending on the location. This analysis must also abide by the rules of federal and state governments.

Many companies ask their employees to conduct these surveys on their own. Also there are numerous websites that provide wage and benefit survey. These sites have data from many vendors who have already performed these surveys and allocated a definite salary for a definite job title respectively.

2.Wage and Salary survey.

The survey is used as a tool by the employee personnel departments of enterprises to compare employee salaries to the market rates and thereby ensure that employees receive a payout in accordance with the market.

There are broadly fours steps to come up with the survey.

Firstly, the company needs to analyze the work requirements for respective jobs as well as the wages and salaries being paid for the job.

Secondly, the type and amount of work to be performed by the employee in accordance with the specific job requirements should be determined.

Thirdly, a comparative analysis to determine the pay in a similar or the same position in the industry must be determined.

Fourthly, analysis should be done on wage laws which have nationwide impact.

Post these steps a final remuneration decision should be taken. Further factors that could be considered are requirements of the job and her titles, location, size and type of the company. In addition, I believe that while conducting a wage and salary survey, factors like punctuality of employees, their overall job performance and merits should be considered as well.

3.According to Cross and Miller, strict liability is also known as liability without fault is defined as a person who engages in certain activities can be held liable, responsible for any damages that results to others, even if the person used the utmost care. It is applied to certain activities in tort such as holding an employer liable for the torts of her employees. Nowadays, it is most commonly associated with defectively manufactured products and immediate sellers.

Other example with such who can be subject to strict liability are animal bites (applicable in certain states in the US). In some jurisdiction, the theory of strict liability is used in connection with pets that bite or attack. It recognizes a difference between domesticated (will be strictly liable for injuries only if the pet owner had actual knowledge of the pet’s dangerous propensities) and wild animals. The reason of being considered it as a strict liability as animals do not have conscience and those who choose to keep them as pets have the responsibility and a duty to restrain them to avoid harm.

4.Under the doctrine of strict liability a person who engages in certain activities can be held responsible any harm that result to other even the person uses almost care. Other than immediate seller and manufactures the maker of the components parts cause harm to some other part of the home are subject to be strict liability. Similarly a owner of pets is also responsible for the harm inflicted by the animals is subject to be strict liability.

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