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Judson University Business Paper

Course Integration Paper. Final Reflection Paper BusinessAssignment

Your Reflection Paper includes:

  1. Ten (10) artifacts. Usually, students include a summary of case studies, analysis, and reflection on how learning new concepts contributed to their academic and professional growth.
  2. Explain how participating in Forums helped you to enrich your opinions
  3. Finally, elaborate on how the the course contributed to your academic and professional growth.

The Reflection Paper is 6-8 pages long, APA style and format.

Week 1: What is strategy?

After completing Week 1 activities, students will be able to:

  • Offer a basic critique of the traditional, narrowly defined “global strategy”
  • Articulate the rationale behind studying global strategy
  • Define what is strategy and global strategy
  • Participate in the debate on globalization with a reasonably balanced view

Week 2: Leveraging Resources and Capabilities

  • The Five Forces Framework
  • Three Generic Strategies
  • Debates and Extension
  • Explain what firm resources and capabilities are
  • Undertake a basic SWOT analysis along the value chain
  • Decide whether to keep an activity in-house or outsource it
  • Debate the resource-based view
  • Draw strategic implications for action
  • Week 3: Growing and Internationalizing the Entrepreneurial Firm

After completing Week 3 activities, students will be able to:

  • Define entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial firms
  • Articulate a comprehensive model of entrepreneurship
  • Participate in the debate concerning entrepreneurship
  • Draw strategic implications for action
  • Week 4: Making Strategic Alliances and Networks Work

    After completing Week 4 activities, students will be able to:

    • Define strategic alliances and networks
    • Articulate a comprehensive model of strategic alliances and networks
    • Understand the decision process behind the formation of alliances and networks
    • Identify the drivers behind the performance of alliances and networks
    • Week 5: Diversifying, Acquiring, and Restructuring

  • Define product diversification and geographic diversification
  • Articulate a comprehensive model of diversification
  • Gain insights into the motives and performance of acquisitions
  • Draw strategic implications for action

Week 6: Governing the Corporation Around the World

  • A Comprehensive Model of Foreign Market Entries
  • Where to Enter?
  • When to Enter?
  • How to Enter?

Week7: Strategizing with Corporate Social Responsibility

    After completing Week 7 activities, students will be able to:

    • Articulate the “strategy as action” perspective
    • Understand the industry conditions conducive for cooperation and collusion
    • Identify the drivers for attacks, counterattacks, and signaling
    • Discuss how local firms fight multinational enterprises

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