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Isothermal Community College Psych Discussion

responses should be at least 125 words. Peer responses should be meaningful in that they add to the discussion or provide additional information or insight into a topic.Please respond to post below:

Erikson developed the theory of psychosocial development. The first stage of this theory details the importance of attachment. He said that the first year of life is used to establish trust in caregivers and the rest of the world. He also said that there are lots of issues that can come about if the child cannot properly establish trust in his caregivers and the world around him. The child would be deprived of love and fellowship with those around him. There are many problems that come with inconsistent caregiving also. Some of these are anger, depression, but also being over friendly with new people. The second stage is labeled as autonomy vs. shame and doubt. As the child grows up, they will quickly become independent for mobility and figuring things out on their own. This is a critical part of development. A child should be allowed to move and explore safely so that they can be more confident as they grow up. This piece of development is evident in my life but also in lives that I have watched grow up.

I can see all the things that we are learning about in real life. It brings me excitement when I connect what we learn in this class to the world around me. I have slowly begun to figure out why the people around me are the way that they are. I can see why my angry friends are angry, and my happy friends are happy. I have enjoyed having this advantage of knowing more about the people around me and hope my knowledge continues to grow.

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