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Health & Medical Question

Health & Medical Question

The first written assignment will be a brief comparison, contrast, and explanation in real-life examples of the terms;

  1. Out-of-pocket expenses
  2. Co-payments
  3. Co-insurance
  4. Deductible

In your paper, define all four of these terms for me. Provide an example of when you would make this payment. When you check-in for an appointment, when you received a bill, when would you expect to find out what you owe for each of these. Then, if you can, provide a scenario in which you tell a story of where you go to the doctor or have a procedure and you are confronted with each of these terms.

Ex. I had discovered that my gallbladder was no longer functioning and I needed to have it removed. When I went to my first appointment to consult with a general surgeon, I had to pay my co-payment of $25 dollars. After the appointment, we discussed booking the surgery. The staff member and I pick-out a date, and she had contacted my insurance and was told I still owed $1000 on my deductible. The cost of the laporoscopic cholesestecomy would be $3000. I was required to pay half ot he costs now, so half of the remainder f my deductible, which was $500 for the surgery. In the weeks leading up to my surgery, I received a bill from my insurance, about the consultation I had. I owed an additional $30 for coinsurance for that visit.

The idea, is to make sure you know when these types of payments occur, and for those of us in the healthcare field, we can explain what they mean to our patients.

2 pages max, double spaced, please but your 4 key terms in bold, no need for external sources (unless citing a definition outside of the textbook), Time New Roman size 12 font