(Global Feminism, 1850 to Present). to find a topic and start this assignment which is composed of two parts—project proposal and brief primary source analysis.

this assignment is for the history of Global Feminism, 1850 to Present.

This assignment is composed of two parts—project proposal and brief primary source
analysis which is due in 3 days. and after this assignment I have to ask you to write an annotated bibliography of 3 primary sources and 4
secondary sources that you plan to use in your final project. and after that it is the final project which should be 12-15 pages paper. I’m telling these information to let you know that this is a very important assignment for me, and after this assignment Im going to ask you to do the rest of them, but for right now here is the assignment:

The purpose of this assignment is to help launch you on your research project and to start finding
primary sources that will help you complete it. If you ultimately pursue a different research
question/agenda than the one you lay out here, that is okay. Research often evolves in
unexpected ways. The primary source you analyze also might not be one that you include in your
final project, and that is okay. This assignment helps you to start exploring a topic that is of
interest to you.

This assignment is composed of two parts: project proposal and brief primary source

I have attached the guideline in pdf below. please make sure to read it because all the questions that should be answered are there. by the way in the guideline( PAPER PROPOSAL AND PRIMARY SOURCE. pdf) it says its due by 2/3 which is not correct and this assignment is due by 2/2 for me.

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