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Gerontology Care manager assignmnet

Hello, below is the assignment and text book used for the course. I only need about 2 pages to complete this assignment.


Title:Handbook of Geriatric Care Management, Fourth Edition

Author:Cathy Jo Cress, MSW

Published by Jones & Bartlett Learning

Publication date: 2017

ISBN: 9781284078985

Assignment Two (this assignment requires contact with an older adult)

Please copy the question before answering it (Question-Answer)

You have been given an extra day to complete this assignment.

This is a hands-on assignment to prepare you for a career in geriatric care and case management. Please read chapter Three very carefully. Now, do this assignment as if you are working as a certified care manager for older people with multiple medical and social issues.


The director of your agency has asked you to develop a comprehensive assessment instrument to assess the services needed by new patients and their families. The instrument developed by you will be examined by the Board of Directors of your agency. So- do the best that you can! Include as many elements as you can that have been discussed in Chapter Three. Your instrument needs to be as “comprehensive” as possible. However, it also needs to be easy to use and easy to understand. Comprehensive does not imply complicated.


Use this instrument on an individual 65 years or older (can be your family member, neighbor, anyone you know). This will help you find out the loop holes and problems in the instrument created by you.


Your feedback on your own instrument after completing an assessment with an actual person (after completing PART II of this assignment)

PART I of your assignment needs to show me the assessment instrument created by you (only the questions with no responses)

PART II of your assignment is your application of this instrument on an older person (questions with the responses from an older person) to find out how valid, practical, and effective is the instrument created by you.

PART III will consist of your comments/feedback on the instrument created by you (negative and positive feedback on your own work describing how helpful or how ineffective was your instrument when used with an actual person)

I am here to help you if you run into any road blocks. Ask me questions if any of these instructions make you feel confused or unsure of what to do.

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