Find three team members on the same project to help

Your textbook authors present a KPI Wheel in Figure 4-10. In the section titled “Putting it all together – the KPI wheel,” Kerzner (2017) described an interview process for using the KPI Wheel.

  • Find three team members on the same project to help you with your assignment.
  • Conduct an interview of the team members using the KPI Wheel. You may collect as much information as you wish, but you will need at least one KPI Wheel for each interviewee as part of your Appendix to the paper. So, at least three KPI Wheels will be in your Appendix. Do not just ask questions, but let the interview flow organically.
  • In less than one page, explain the project, and the titles of the interviewees (you do not have to use their names, but name the organization and describe the project). Using current scholarly research discuss the purpose of the KPI Wheel.
  • Next, discuss the use of the KPI Wheel to direct the interview.
  • What did you learn about the practical application of collecting KPIs through this process?
  • How did the interviewees’ information agree or disagree among them, and why was that the case?
  • How did the interviewees’ information agree or disagree with current scholarly research?
  • If you were to use this information to determine a set of KPIs, what additional information would you need, and how would you proceed?
  • What KPIs would you suggest for the project and why?

Paper Requirements:

  • Be sure to properly organize your writing and include an introductory paragraph, headings/subheadings for the body of your work, discussion recommendations, and a conclusion
  • Format youpaper should be at least five pages. The page count does not include the required title page and reference page, nor does the page count include any supplemental pages, should you use them, such as appendices.

Prepare your work using at least one of this week’s required readings and one outside reference (a peer-reviewed scholarly article published in the past five year

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