Essay about Green Life for Green Earth…Again!

I have uploaded word file named “Green Life for Green Earth…Again! Research Review” read it and add 1890 words based on the following guidelines below:

You will plan and write a researched argumentative essay that uses at least eight sources (at least three of which will be scholarly).

For this assignment, you will develop and refine an argument based on the research question(s) you formulated in unit one and the source synthesis research you conducted in unit two.

You can either write an Exploratory Essay or an Argumentative Essay. An Exploratory essay “explores” a number of possible answers to your research question based on your research and critical thinking; an Argumentative essay makes a clear argument and develops it through the presentation of evidence, reasoning, and critical thinking. Either way, clearly indicate which type of research paper you are writing by stating it in the upper right hand corner of the first page of your paper, where you state your name, course, date, etc.

3 things your essay must do:

Asking good research questions: what is the purpose of this research? What do I want to know or find out?

So what?: Why is the question I’m asking significant for people other than me? Why should people pay attention to my research? In what ways might it affect them?

Say one thing: What is my thesis? What is the best answer to my question?

You will start by drafting and developing an answer to your research question(s), which will become the tentative main claim of the paper.

Once you have established a tentative main claim, you will begin the writing process by developing a clear plan for the structure of your argument.

You will then write a first draft, which you will revise comprehensively in the light of your own critical reflection and feedback from your instructor and peers..

*** Words count = 1890 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I have uploaded my word file named “Green Life for Green Earth…Again! Research Review”.

*** Compressed Attachment has been uploaded named “Related works”.

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