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ENG 121 RMU The Real Artists Movie Discussion & Response

ENG 121 RMU The Real Artists Movie Discussion & Response

I have a very open question for you all this time.  Simply watch the short movie listed under Content?Readings for this date (Ken Liu’s Real Artists)and write a post on what you think this very short (12 minute) movie wants us to think about, and your reaction to the movie’s take on this topic. Be sure to refer to textual evidence (specific details, characters, events) to ground your response. Remember to respond to a classmate as well. 

BTW, this movie is based on short story by Ken Liu—linked here as both a podcast and a written story:

and Please after you watched the video and write, make a small comment for

(This movie was fascinating as it does not entirely pertain to art, but it also pertains to how humans can be influenced to agree with something they do not agree with. This movie wants to make us focus on the words “a great artist will do whatever it takes to create a great vision even if it means watching movies in a dark room.” I believe that art isn’t something that always requires the whatever it takes mentality. Art flows; art can be perfect or imperfect. Art creates different perspectives. It creates different emotions. In the movie, Big Semi creates random plots and then uses test screens to create a movie that gives the audience what they want and collects their emotions through a machine that tells them what the audience feels about the movie. It then tweaks the movie to make it as close to perfect as possible, and then the test audience’s memories are deleted through injections of a wristband to have a fresh perspective. In my eyes, art is not always about giving what the audience wants. Art is about making someone feel what you feel or get them to feel something they have never felt. Art isn’t manufactured just for the benefit of one individual. In the movie, we can see that Sophia also feels the same way, and she rejected the position many times, but the AI made her redo the interview to keep her trapped until it figured out how to convince her to work for the company. I think this movie also has a hidden meaning to big mainstream movie companies like Disney Pixar. I gathered this because there was a movie poster that closely resembled finding nemo. At the beginning of the film, you see that the reason she is flown out to the interview is that her fan-made movie that was a spin-off of one of their creations caused their “lawyers a lot of headaches” That the fan-made movie gained a lot of attention. Her movie showed that the company felt threatened by her and wanted to limit her imagination or use it for their gain.)