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EDU 502 Belhaven University Belhaven Week 3 Quality Education Responses

EDU 502 Belhaven University Belhaven Week 3 Quality Education Responses

Responding to three students at least a 100 words in your response. 

Latoya Williams

The three things I found most valuable to my current situation are the skills needed to become an effective teacher, the effect my expectations for the student may have on the student, and how having good classroom management will create a well-ordered environment. Being a first-year teacher, everything is new to me so I myself am still learning. It’s a process but I want to be the best possible teacher I can be for my students. We all have a task of making sure these students learn and we know that not all students learn the same. I currently teach 6 classes a total of 138 students and some process information quickly and others don’t. As the text states the single greatest effect on student learning is the effectiveness of the teacher. Teachers should be able to adjust their teaching strategies to fit both the students and the material, recognizing that different students learn in different ways. We have to be very careful as far as our expectations for the student’s teachers should exhibit positive expectations towards all students not just the students who catch on quickly. It is said the student produces whatever the teacher expects him/her to produce, I plan to test that theory. My classroom management can definitely use some improvement my students tend to act out once assignments are completed. My goal is to keep my class on track and under control even after the assignments are completed. I found all the information beneficial being a first-year teacher I can use all this information to improve my teaching skills.

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