Critical Thinking Assignment – The Writing Process

Learning Objective: In this assignment you will demonstrate your ability to apply the steps in the planning process to a situation.

Directions: In this module, the steps in the planning process are presented as a method for thinking critically about the nature of a situation, the audience, the information they need to convey, and the organization of the message.

For this assignment, review the steps in the planning process carefully. Identify a situation where you would use this process in your own life. Using one of the submission options listed below, present the application of the planning process to the situation you’ve chosen. Make sure that you cover each of the steps in the planning process and apply each step to the situation you’ve chosen.

In a previous assignment, one student applied the steps in the planning process to a situation where they needed to convince a professor to give them a C instead of D in a course. Another student chose the situation of asking a professor for a letter of recommendation. Feel free to be creative in choosing the situation; it does not need to be related to communication with a professor.

Students may submit this assignment in one of the following ways (i.e. submission options):

1.) Create a model using the SmartArt tool in PowerPoint that illustrates each step of the planning process and its application to the situation. SmartArt Tutorial

Level of Consideration: Does the assignment demonstrate serious, college-level consideration for the task? Does the student demonstrate conscientiousness in addressing the assignment task? Has the student followed directions?

5 Points

Evidence of Learning: Are all steps of the planning process communicated clearly and correctly? Is it clear that the student is able to apply each step to a situation and has the student used language and terms from the planning process?

15 Points

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