Controversy of At-Home Rape Kits

● A research topic: At-home rape Kits MLA FORMAT

● Abstract/proposal: Two companies, namely “Preservekit” and “Metookit” are in the process of selling or making at home rape kits which are being advertised as an alternative to collect evidence of rape if going to the police or a medical facility is not an option. However, many experts and victims of assault are saying the evidence these kits collect would be useless in court, expose the alleged victim to medical risks, and is a shameless attempt to take financial advantage of the MeToo movement. In my essay, I want to explain why these rape kits do more harm than good for sexual assault victims.

● Outline:


– Section 1, I will begin by discussing current statistics on sexual assault like the percentage of victims who receive treatment and why women choose not to report.

– Section 2, I will go discuss what a rape kit is and how it differs from a traditional test done at a hospital/clinic (e.g chains of custody, credentials, use of a unbiased party). I will also discuss the important aftercare that victims receive after the forensic medical exam at hospitals/clinics like essential treatment for their injuries, emergency contraception, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, and referrals for support services and appropriate health care.

-Section 3, I will discuss the reasons the founders of “preservekit” and “metookit” gave for the existence of their product.

-Section 4, I will discuss the legality of these kits; would the evidence collected from these kits hold up in court? I will also discuss some legal issues these kits have already ran into; such as a cease and desist letter sent to “Metookit” accusing it of violating the Michigan’s Consumer Protection Act.

-Section 5, I will consider if these kits are taking financial advantage of the Me Too Movement and victims of sexual assault, and if their marketing is problematic.


● Use/Cite these sources + any additional sources you may use………

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