COM3278 Explorations of Human and Computer Languages

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Part One of the SWOT Analysis

The Director-General needs a SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of your best plan to communicate quickly and effectively in all of the affected areas. A SWOT analysis, you are aware, defines the project objective and determines the advantages and disadvantages of the plan, as well as elements that might affect the plan either positively or negatively. She has asked that you send the first part of the SWOT analysis, the Proposed Communication Methodology, over right away.

For this first part of the SWOT, the Director-General wants you to address several items in a written document:

Explain a markup language communication method, and how the WHO should use this type of lingua franca to respond to this crisis. (Could a lingua franca markup language be used in place of human languages?). Thoroughly explain this for the Director-General and others who may not understand this communication method.

Describe how this markup language communication method will be implemented (include examples and detailed explanations). Also, explain how it will improve training and prevention communication better than the current plethora of lingua francas, especially in situations where there are no bridge languages (clearly demonstrate your knowledge of lingua franca and bridge languages here).

Remember to address how the WHO will communicate across multiple cultures and languages both quickly and efficiently in order to best respond to this infectious disease crisis. It is important to fully explain this to convince the Director-General and all involved).

Use the bullet point questions above to create a 2-3-page communication plan on a Word document. The plan should use a clear introduction paragraph and well-developed body paragraphs to clearly propose the proper method of communicating using markup language in this scenario situation. Be sure to thoroughly analyze each of these bullet points by providing a few paragraphs of substantiated analysis for each bullet point concept.

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