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CMST&220 Outline


*this assignment is due at the same time as your speech so if you want feedback on your outline before the speech you will need to email it to me well ahead of time.


  • use the basic outline templateActions (be sure to include the heading info)
  • outline versions:
    • *working outline* = full-sentences <= this is the one you turn in here
    • *speaking outline* = keywords/phrases for practicing extemporaneous delivery
    • *keyword outline* = notecards for speech/delivery reminders
  • extemporaneous formal outline for 8-10minute persuasive speech using one of the persuasive speech designs (remember 1 page of outline material generally should equate to 1-2minutes of speaking)
  • include an APA formatted reference list at the end of the outline with a minimum of 6 sources (remember NCA guidelines – this means you will need at least 10 sources for maximum points)
  • identify where you use each source in the outline (highlight or color-code each source on the list and in-text in a different color – that way I can easily match up the source on your list with its use in-text in your outline)
  • remember the Rule of Division!
  • properly label all parts of the outline (remember this is an extemporaneous outline, not an essay with some labels/numbering … you should have main and sub-points, not main and sub-paragraphs!)


Your speech outline will provide a roadmap of your speech that allows you to map out where and how you will make and support your points. Try to avoid making your outline too vague, by not including enough info to adequately prove your case, or overly specific, by including so much info that you can’t cover it all in the time allotted. Outlines put your thoughts and evidence into a clear, effective structure that will help you deliver your message to your audience.


  • The outline must be structured appropriately (following one of the 5 persuasive speech designsActions discussed in class) with an appropriate number of main points that support your thesis (usually 2-5), with subpoints to support each main point.
  • Start strong. The introduction should include the following:
    • An attention-getting opening that engages your audience and grabs their attention
    • Clear audience adaptation – relate the topic to your audience
    • A clearly stated thesis
    • A preview of your main points (dependent on speech design
    • Ideas and/or statements in your intro should begin to establish your credibility as a speaker
  • Make sure you plan an exit strategy. The conclusion should include the following:
    • A review of the main points (dependent on speech design)
    • A restatement of the thesis
    • A memorable closing statement that provides closure to the audience and finality to the speech
  • Your thesis should be effectively supported by your main points and you main points should be effectively supported with evidence and examples in your subpoints.
  • Make sure you include the minimum number of UNIQUE sources within your main point support and/or intro/conclusion. For the persuasive speech the minimum number of outline sources is 6 – properly identified within the text of the outline and in the references list/bibliography (you will need to verbally cite at least 3 of these during your speech).
  • Effective transitions between intro, body and conclusion as well as within the body between main points.


  • See the sample outline in the “Files” section in Canvas for format template
  • Times New Roman, 12pt font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced (except the heading on first page)
  • Check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Follow a consistent pattern of numbering/indentation
  • Label and clearly identify your Title, Topic, Specific Purpose, Thesis Statement, and Speech Design at the top of the first page.
  • Label the Introduction, Body, Conclusion and each Transition (clearly label all required parts in your intro and conclusion)
  • APA citation
    • In-text
      • clearly identify sourced material with color-coded font or highlighting (i.e. the blue-colored source on the list should match up with blue-colored sourced information in-text in your outline – do each one a different color)
      • for example: ” C. According to leading dental researcher John Smith, 4 out of 5 dentists recommend Trident” or some other sugarless gum might be your in-text information and then that should match with a source on your list that is in the same blue font
    • Reference list
      • follow APA 6th edition formatting for the list
      • remember to alphabetize your reference list
      • do a Google Search for “Purdue OWL APA” for tips
      • If you cite a source in your reference list, it must match up with at least 1 in-text citation in your outline or you will not get credit for the source (and I need to be able to tell which one so color-code or highlight as described previously)

Grading criteria (4 points total):

  • Working outline
    • Header => up to 0.5 pts
      • all required elements included and properly identified for this speech
      • speech design correctly identified
      • specific purpose makes sense, fits the assignment, and uses the format required
    • Format => up to 1.0 pts
      • all required parts are included (use the outline template!) and properly identified/labeled for this speech
      • main points correctly follow the speech design identified in the header
    • Content => up to 1.5 pts
      • subjectively graded
      • factors include, but are not limited to, word choice, argument structure, clarity, fulfillment of function, effective audience adaptation, etc.
    • Sources (clearly identified and color-matched in-text AND on list) => up to 1.0 pts
      • 10 = full credit
      • 9 = 0.9 pts
      • 8 = 0.8 pts
      • 7 = 0.7 pts
      • 6 = 0.6 pts
      • 0-5 sources = 0 pts
    • APA reference list => +??
      • You must include a reference list – you will not get credit for sources I can’t match up with use in-text AND on list
      • the list should be in APA format – the better your APA, the more likely you will get bonus pts on your outline
      • if the list is not in APA format there needs to be enough info provided so I can find the source if I need/want to

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