CMST Corporate Ethics: Read and reflect on the following readings to prepare for your Week Without a Sweatshop/Corona Virus paper

Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility

Corona Virus and a Week without Sweatshops Paper—5-page paper(this is 5 pages double spaced) (1250 words double spaced)

Spend one week (7 days) focusing on the items that you buy. Where do you usually shop? Since you may not be able to shop this week and next as you usually would, I want you to research the process online—especially under self-quarantine regulations. So do the research online, researching each of the following questions. Where were they made? Who made them? How much were the workers paid? Were they union members? Were the items inspected for health and safety of consumers? When you buy food items, consider where they were grown and/or manufactured? Who planted them? Who harvested them? Who transported them? Were they paid a living wage? Is the product fair trade? Try to get through the week without buying anything that was made in a sweatshop? Consider items made in other countries; under what kind of working conditions was the item manufactured? Were the working conditions safe? Did it pollute water and air to produce it? Was it inspected for human or animal consumption in the US? How many products can you find that are made in the USA? This is no more than a self-reflection of how the readings, website research, and limitations due to Corona Virus would affect your decision-making. Consider the effect of hoarding and price gouging during the Corona Virus pandemic. How is the Stay-at-home strategy of combatting the Corona Virus affecting small businesses? Online businesses? Reflect on these questions alongside the readings in your decision-making process. Be sure to cite your research sources in APA format. (see http://Purdue.owl/ or ).

Readings in attached documents. Economic Perspectives:

Chp. 15: Corporate Social Responsibility as Oxymoron:

Universalization and Exploitation at Boeing, Dana L. Cloud

Chp. 17: Consumer Activism and Corporate Social Responsibility:

How Strong a Connection? Brenden E. Kendall, Rebecca Gill,

& George Cheney

Chp. 20: Business, Society, and Impacts on Indigenous Peoples,

Marcus Breen.

Chp. 21: Activism, Risk, and a Communicational Politics: Nike and

the Sweatshop Problem, Graham Knight.

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