Boston University welcomes hundreds of transfer students to campus each year. We want to learn more about you and your reasons for transferring, in particular what you hope to accomplish at Boston University.

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Please discuss your interest in Bentley and the aspects of our community that will help you reach your academic and personal goals. (650 word limit)

My desire to attend Bentley University stems from my desire to succeed as an entrepreneur in the future. In order to achieve that goal, I believe that attending Bentley University will allow me to grow as an entrepreneur. Through this transfer, I can strive to improve the standard of living while creating wealth to support those around me.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Bentley ranks amongst the top 10 best business schools in the nation. More specifically, I was attracted by some of the course work that Bentley had to offer including “Entrepreneurial Thinking”, a course that focuses on all aspects of starting a business from initiating the new ventures to obtaining initial financing. Through learning these evaluation, development and operational aspects I hope to develop into someone who can take over my family’s wholesale furniture business back in China.

What’s more, as the leader in my business club, I have accumulated rich experience in operating and managing the club. Therefore, Bentley College provides an excellent opportunity for me to develop my interest in this community. I am really looking forward to enjoying the wonderful business atmosphere and participate in similar extracurricular activities at Bentley College.

Through my education and extracurricular involvements at Bentley, I aspire to improve the lives of people in China by using artificial intelligence to help transition our family business into a global data powerhouse. This automation coupled with my educational background will allow consumers to go about their day-to-day duties in a more convenient and interactive way. Bentley encourages a holistic educational approach that incorporates critical thinking and analytics from the arts and sciences. In combining that discipline with information technology, it provides students like me a competitive advantage, allowing us to make immediate contributions to our employers.

What first motivated me to explore a transfer was the opportunity to learn in a smaller classroom setting, where students are able to interact more closely with their professors. Also, Bentley’s state-of-the-art facilities left a great impression on me. If I could take advantage of Bentley’s resources, such as the trading desk, I know I could become a more successful student and professional. Neither of these benefits is offered at my current school, increasing my desire to transfer to Bentley.

When revisiting the region of Waltham Massachusetts where Bentley resides, I am reminded of the spirit of entrepreneurship as Waltham Watch Company produced over 35 million watches before it closing its door in 1957. Furthermore, a commute to Boston provides me with an enormous pool of opportunities to decompress while maintaining the urban atmosphere. Bentley’s strategic partnerships will provide exposure to real-world problems that businesses face while strengthening relations with employers will allow me to secure an internship.

In closing, I believe that Bentley will provide me with a real-world business focus and strong networking ties. The entrepreneurial opportunities and cultural diversity at Bentley University make it my ideal choice to further my business education and achieve my goals.

I am always dreaming of entering a university full of possibilities and opportunities. Entrepreneurial opportunity and culture diversity of Bentley University makes it the tailored choice to explore business deeply.

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