¨ Bibliography: Using the Marymount Library website (…) research information on your painting, the subject, and artist. Find at least 2 scholarly articles and 5 academic books on your subject and make a Bibliography using the Chicago-Turabian format. Make sure that all your sources are published by academic presses to confirm that they have reliable information. Make sure to organize the bibliography in alphabetical order. You will eventually use these sources for your assignment so go ahead and download them and/or check them out from the MU library. You will also be allowed to use the NGA website for information on your painting.

Article citations should follow this format:

Last Name, First Name. “Title of the Article.” Name of Journal in Italics Volume #, Issue # (Year of Publication): page numbers ## – ##.

Book citations should follow this format:

Last Name, First Name. Name of the Book in Italics. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year.

Website citations should follow this format:

Last Name, First Name. “Article Title.” Website Title. Month, Day, Year of Publication OR Date Accessed. URL.

***¨ Outline: Draft a 3-4 page outline of the proposed information you will discuss in your final essay. Your final draft should include the following sections 1) A very detailed description of your portrait, 2) Who painted the portrait and where it was made 3) Who commissioned it and who is the subject, 4) What was the purpose of the portrait. Your Outline does not have to include extensive information, but must give us a sense of the types of ideas and themes you will be discussing in the final essay. Make sure to CITE all the information that is coming from the sources (articles, books, NGA website) you are using for your research.

The Outline should be 3 – 4 pages long, have 1 inch margins, use 11-12 pt size font. (3 pages = 3 FULL pages, not 2 ½ pages)

Portrait of a Man

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