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Bible and Modern science

Bible and Modern science

(RELS 3370 The Bible and Modern Science) Exam 1 – Essay Questions

Mitchell/Blackard, “Reconciling the Bible and Science”

AND “Creation” video analysis (WATCH IT IN THE COURSE CONTENT) These are to be written in YOUR OWN WORDS. No citations or quotations. From the book:

1. Describe, in your own words, and summarize the impact of Columbus, Galileo, Copernicus, Newton and Darwin on the development of modern science; historic events surrounding their influence, and what they added to the tension between religion and science for their time. Short paragraphs for each (6-8 sentences).

2. Compare “Creationism” and “Intelligent Design” as described in the book. What are the similarities and differences? Who are the major proponents and critics?

3. Describe how the book seeks to reconcile the perceived conflicts between the Bible and Science using the “the two books of God” analogy. How do the authors treat Genesis and creation stories? How do they propose keeping a healthy tension going forward?


4. The film “Creation” depicts Charles Darwin as struggling with the faith/science conflict it’s impact on social and familiar relations. Describe one scene in which the conflict seemed overblown, AND describe one scene in which a resolution to the conflict seemed apparent.

In all, the answering these should take 5-7 pages if done well. They are to be IN YOUR OWN WORDS. No citations or quotations. “Turnitin” can detect how much of your text was copied and pasted from the book. There is not a length requirement (as is the case with the final paper), but grading will include if the answers demonstrated an understanding of the subject. Obviously you can have access to the book while writing this, but your answers must all be original writing.