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Anti-Abortion Laws in Texas –

Topic for Assignment:

I looked back on other bills passed throughout Texas and found Senate Bill 8 on Anti-Abortion legislation.Government Abbott signed this bill into effect on September 1, 2017 in the State of Texas that bans the ability for second-trimester abortions to take place (Evans, 2017).In conjunction with this, the bill also sets new rules with regard to how health care provider have to dispose of those remains (Evans, 2017).I think that this topic would have more data available for reporting as it has been a few years since this law was passed.


Evans, M. (2017, June 6). Sweeping Anti-Abortion Bill Heads to Governor’s Desk. In The Texa

Tribune. Retrieved from


Identify another, different policy issue that impacts or interests you. This policy issue can be at the local or state level, but that you have not already submitted. Research the policy context, implementation, effectiveness, and evaluate it using the criteria laid out in your lesson (and practiced in the writing assignments). Analyze the policy, and then draw conclusions and make recommendations about the policy’s future and effectiveness.

You must include one of the following:

  • transcript of what you would say if you were giving the presentation (This is the option that is feasible)
  • audio of you giving the presentation

Make this professional looking. Do not simply put paragraphs on the slides then read them. This will bore any audience. They will be smart enough to read the slides. Generally, it’s best to use very brief bullet points then explain them in the transcript or audio.

I’ve attached a set-up presentation so you don’t forget anything.

If it is accessible via a link, please make sure it is publicly accessible and include it in the text box so I can access. The classroom will only allow 10MB in an attachment and PPT briefings may exceed that. Please plan accordingly.

Remember that this is a major research component of your course and worth 20% of your final grade. Your bibliography of sources (a minimum of 7) should be the final slide(s) of the presentation but can also be uploaded as a separate document within the assignment folder.

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