Answer the question MGT 2

Direction :

1- Answer the bellow 10 questions

2- every question answer should be at least 250 words

3- APA style

4- I don’t need citation , only answer without plagiarism

5- write your answer from the book ( I attach it + google or book or library but official the book .

1. In what way is time a cultural factor? In what way is the need to control the environment as a cultural factor? Give an example for each.

2. How will advance in technology and telecommunications affect developing countries? Give some specific examples?

3. How has globalization affected different world regions? What are some of the benefits and costs of globalization for different sectors (companies, workers, communities?

4. In what way parochialism and simplification barriers to effective cross-cultural management? In each gives an example?

5. Explain the Snapshot of key Ethical Theories and philosophies?

6. How will advance in technology and telecommunications affect developing countries? Give some specific examples?

7. How do the following legal principles impact MNC operations: the principle of sovereignty, the nationality principle, the territoriality principle, the protective principle, and the principle of comity?

8. One area of business that can be very different from country to country is Human Resources. Differences can be found in areas such as wages, compensation, pay equity, and maternity leave. Give a few examples of how these can differ from one culture to another from the viewpoint of a multinational company (MNC)?

9. The concept of human rights encompasses several subcategories, such as women’s rights and gender equality. Give an example of a human rights issue that a company must take into consideration when doing business in certain countries?

10. why are MNCs getting involved in corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practice? Are they displaying a sense of social responsibility? Or is this is merely a matter of good business or both? Defined your answer?

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