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Adler University Democracy Equality and Crisis Discussion and Reflection

Democracy,Equality & Crisis Discussion

Democratic relationships and equality embedded in democratic relationships are viewed as a key to social progress and a guarantee that most fundamental rights of humans are upheld in all spheres of human life, on every level of society. Yet in times of crises and social unrest, as we see in many countries and at different times in human history, there is a recorded and observable trend in a direction of a more hierarchical social order, more authoritarian, strong handed leadership. An argument we often hear in such times is that in times of large crises and social unrest, and in order to preserve basic safety and fundamental functioning of the society, we cannot always afford democracy.

Based on your assigned reading for this week and any other reading of your choice (peer-reviewed and not peer-reviewed), please discuss the following:

  • Prepare an argument defining the meaning and the role of equality in progress of humankind during the times of crises.
  • Support your argument with at least one quote from each of the two required readings for this week. How would you respond to those believing that in times of social unrest, equality and democracy are luxury items and need to be “paused” until the order is restored?

Your post will be approximately 350 words. You need to use references. 

Upholding the Principles Reflection Assignment

To the degree comfortable, and keeping in mind protection of proprietary information and privacy, please discuss a challenge that you have had to address related to upholding principles of social justice (including advocacy on behalf of those who have experienced injustice). Please be prepared to do the following:

  • Describe the issue in three sentences.
  • Briefly, explain how that was related to justice.
  • Share what was your role in relation to an issue – were you a participant? Were you an observer? What was your personal challenge? How did you overcome it? Have you had this class and done all the reading for this class at that time, what part of your learning might have helped you in solving the situation in a most just way possible? If you had Alfred Adler by your side at the time when a challenge took place, what would he say? Please do not disclose any identifiable information or information that may, in any way, be proprietary.

Compose a brief (200-300 words) essay response to this prompt.  

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