hello i need help with two 750 words each Reflection Papers

• Instructions •••

1- in 750 words, answer the pertinent question and explore the relevant topic. Defend any arguments you make using the source at hand.

2- Be certain to let me know within the introduction the argument you intend to follow.

3- Then, give evidence for your belief, analysis and interpretation of that evidence, and your conclusions.

•Paper layout•••

1- paper must be cited throughout.

2- You should do this in Chicago Style (author, title of source, publication date, and page number if you can find one) or by footnote[1].

•The Assignment•••


Read ‘Climate Change at the End of the Third Millennium BCE in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Indus Valley’ on pp. 74-5 in WTWA along with ‘Climate Change and the Collapse of River-Basin Societies’ on p. 97 in WTWA, and and the readings on humans and the environment in the Reader pp. 58-84.

  • Based upon this and the readings so far outline the different theories for the development of societies in the river basins of the Tigris and Euphrates, the Indus, the Nile, and the Yellow and Yangtze rivers.
  • How is it believed that climate change affected these societies and how does an understanding of global climate aid the study of prehistory?
  • Which arguments for the effect of climate change are the most/least convincing?



Read ‘Prophets and Founding Texts’ on pp. 178-9 in WTWA; ‘Confucianism v. Daoism’ on p. 166; ‘Buddha v. the Brahmans’ pp. 174-5; ‘Plato v. Aristotle’ on p. 183; along with ‘Axial Age Thinkers and Their Ideas’ on pp. 184-5 in WTWA.

  • Based upon this and the readings so far outline the similarities and differences between the different philosophies.
  • Were these philosophies affected by the geopolitical climate and how did they each view the role of government?
  • Do our modern attitudes towards knowledge and government reflect the ideas of these thinkers?


The Only source is the Reader which is:

Worlds Together Worlds Apart: A Companion Reader. Third Edition, Volume I.

Elizabeth Pollard and Clifford Rosenborg, eds., (New York and London: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2019).

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