​Find Article about –(Topic – Value, Hatching, Crosshatching, Chiaroscuro, Sfumato​) (20 sentences and reply to the 2 posts with 6 sentence each

Find Article about –(Topic – Value, Hatching, Crosshatching, Chiaroscuro, Sfumato) (20 sentences and reply to the 2 posts with 6 sentence each

1- Please post your responses for the Article (20 sentences or more with websites and/or visual examples) to the article link above Please share what you learned, did not know, how the topic/learning changed your view toward the topic now, and more with classmates.

2- reply to the 2 post with 6 sentences each one

a- Value is defined as the relative darkness or lightness of a color. Artists must pay close attention to values because it can set the entire mood of the painting. An artist must also be able to capture accurate values for a painting if they are intending to make it look realistic. Hatching or crosshatching can be used as a method of capturing value. Hatching is the technique of drawing spaced lines in a parallel manner to create shading or value. Crosshatching is very similar, but the artist would let the lines cross over each other to create the illusion of form or light in certain areas. Both of these techniques can be modified by drawing lines farther apart or closer together to make shades lighter and darker. Crosshatching would probably be easier to get dark values because the lines crossing would cover more surface area. The concepts of chiaroscuro and sfumato date back to the Old Masters of the Renaissance Era. Chiaroscuro is the technique that embodies the transition of light and dark values in a painting. It can give it a very heavily contrasted feel, like that of being in full darkness with a single light source. Rembrandt is a famous artist who used this technique. Many Renaissance paintings are covered in dark shadows, so I can see that chiaroscuro was very popular in that era. Sfumato is sort of the opposite technique, which refers to the subtle use of lights and darks. Sfumato values are almost incomprehensible to the viewer, and the colors in a painting like this are all within the same tone. They should all be around the same level of saturation. Leonardo da Vinci used this technique in the famous painting, the Mona Lisa. I personally have always been drawn to the chiaroscuro look more than sfumato. I am not sure why, but high contrast in paintings or other graphics tend to be a lot more eye-catching to me. I would love to try to incorporate chiaroscuro into my art style-fewer paint strokes and a broad spectrum of values.

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https://thevirtualinstructor.com/hatchingcrosshatching.html (Links to an external site.)


b- Value is what determines how light or dark your drawing or painting will be. This is one of the most important aspects in drawing. There is an infinite amount of values between white and black on the value scale, and every color has different values. Value can be used to create different moods and themes when creating a piece. Hatching is a shading technique that is done by placing a lot of lines closely. I believe that hatching is typically done using lines that are parallel to each other. In relation to value, you would use more lines when hatching to create darker values. This technique can also be a good way to add texture to a drawing. According to liveabout.com cross hatching is defined as “an extension of hatching, which uses fine parallel lines drawn closely together to create the illusion of shade or texture in a drawing.” This is a good way to create different values and shades in drawings. You can add more layers of lines and space them further apart to change the light and dark values of the drawing. Chiaroscuro is a painting technique that is used to show strong changes between light and dark. Leonardo Da Vinci was the first painter to apply this into traditional European paintings. Chiaroscuro is great for creating emotion or drama in paintings. Sfumato is a technique used for shading blending different colors together without hard lines. This is something that usually tends to happen gradually and creates “hazy forms”. The word sfumato comes from a Italian word that means smoke. Personally I really like the old paintings that use chiaroscuro, a lot of the time they have a really dark or just black background with the subjects being lighter. The dark background tends to illuminate or give the subject the appearance of being illuminated which I think is cool. The technique does a great job of capturing/creating drama.


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