Worksheet – Contradictions, Reframing, and Reflective

Worksheet – Contradictions, Reframing, and Reflective Journal

Counseling requires personal courage on the part of the counselor. It is an uncommon relationship that, in the service of our clients, breaks conventions about politeness. In addition to asking very personal questions and focusing upon emotions, counselors encourage thoughtfulness through staying silent longer than most do in social conversations, sharing a reframed perception of the problem, and verbalizing them when they notice contradictions. Skillful and courageous use of these techniques offers clients a chance to improve the quality of their lives. While counseling can take you out of your comfort zone when applying the microskills of silence, confrontation, and reframing, you can also be rewarded by seeing your clients move towards the change they want.

The Week 7 Worksheet focuses on three of the influencing microskills introduced, this week, which students often find the most challenging: Silence, Confrontation of Contradictions, and Reframing. Through a counseling skills experiment, involving rehearsal of these three skills and a reflective journal about Instructor feedback and virtual practice, this worksheet is a way to prepare to effectively apply these skills in this week’s recorded mock counseling video.

Review this week’s Learning Resources. Consider the influencing microskills needed for effective counseling.
Review your notes from your Collaborate Ultra Live Meetings practice with your partner/classmate.
Review the Faculty feedback you received on your Week 6 self-recorded video. Complete the Week 7 Worksheet located in the Learning Resources.


Submit your Week 7 Worksheet to the Assignment area. Compose your answers directly in the worksheet template.

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