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WK 1 D2-Respond to 2 classmates 100 words per response

WK 1 D2-Respond to 2 classmates 100 words per response

Respond to two classmates, be sure to elaborate. For example, if you write that you also found a specific topic interesting, explain what about that topic you found interesting and why. Is it the same aspects of the topic that your classmate found interesting? Were you unaware that events associated with the topic took place? Did the information that you learned change your understanding of those events?

This Open Forum is a place for you to collaborate and connect with your classmates as well as support one another and build a community. Your instructor will monitor this board and may post, but they are not expected to answer all questions.

If you notice a classmate is having difficulty with something that you can help with, use your responses as a way to support them. Helping out your classmates will not only benefit them, but it will also help to solidify your own knowledge.

Classmate # 1 Jacqueline Doss

Besides being out of high school for 15 years and trying to remember or recap what I’m reading throughout the course, what stood out to me the most was within the first few chapters of not knowing that so many immigrants wanted to come to the US for a better lifestyle even if they faced hardships, they still pressed forward. These chapters are actually more in detailed from what I remember being in high school so it allows me to understand better. I know African Americans have struggled for years but to read on how it was not only them that were discriminated against. What is interesting is reading how the US was actually being “built” and how everything was started. What I’m having difficulty with is not wanting to be judged for simply not knowing what happened back in the 1800s because it wasn’t taught to me but with reading and asking questions, I’m hoping to gain more insight and knowledge.

Classmate # 2 Lyndsay Franklin

After reading through the beginning chapters this week, while also discussing topics with others and reading specific focus groups, I wish we had more detail and time to talk about the African American and Immigration restrictions. While neither of these are my main topic for my final project, I found it extremely hard to read how many wanted to come to America, or the struggles that African Americans had to face. It was almost heartbreaking during some chapters throughout the reading.

I think many struggles that I have faced just in the first week in remembering and studying the information. Textbooks and information have definitely changed since I was in high school, and I have found these textbooks are much more detailed than prior ones I have seen. It is a bit challenging, and I feel as though I am going backwards or behind compared to other students, however I am grateful for the experience to learn again about our history and share with others.