Week 6 Discussion Board responce

Adolescent Stage

This week I was able to observe my thirteen year old stepson in his physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. This stage in life can be pretty difficult for children as they are going through so many changes. Most are going through internal changes like puberty. They are also starting to see changes in their social life with their friends and family.


The physical appearance of adolescents is constantly changing because of the puberty stage. My stepson is currently 5’9” in height and he seems to have more of a skinnier build now than he used to have. He for sure lost all of his baby fat and has more of an athletic body now. I don’t see any facial hair indications yet but I do notice his voice getting a little deeper.


In the social aspect of adolescent stage they seem to spend more time around their friends and less time with their family. When observing my stepson I do notice him having less time with the family and more time either in his room talking to his peers through video games or asking to go to the park with his friends. If left alone to decide what he wants to do for the day he chose to stay in his room talking to his friends.


In the emotional stage of adolescence moodiness and arguing with parents begins to occur more frequently. In observing my stepson, although he rarely argues with me I do see more arguments between him and his father. I also noticed arguments between him and his stepsisters in choosing what game to play or what movie to watch. He was placed in more relaxed on most days and less moody other days. Although I do see frustration in him he tends to keep his cool around me more than his father.


In the cognitive development adolescents become less self conscience. In observing my stepson I noticed him being a little more outgoing and actually getting up and asking for things rather than shying away from asking people questions. I see his problem solving skills get better as well he is able to figure things out on his own now without asking for help until he just absolutely can’t do it himself then he will ask either myself or his father for help.

Fowler’s Stage

In Fowler’s study this stage is known as synthetic conventional faith. This stage generally begins at the age of thirteen. At this stage the adolescent is able to think abstractly and they begin to see meaning and morality in rituals. They can claim their faith as their own and see things from other peoples perspective.

Works Cited

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