week 5 DQ 2 (3 reply)

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DQ 2


Technology is indeed an important consideration in the planning and integration of any proposed project in this time we live in and the EBP I plan on using is no exception to this. I will freely admit that I consider myself “technology and artistically-challenged” and welcome any assistance from my two college-aged daughters in this particular areasmile. I have already used “technology” in planning my proposed EBP project of using early SSC to promote breastfeeding and newborn/parental bonding through multiple research queries from the internet on this subject, which includes in-depth written papers. In the past with assignments, my daughters have assisted me in creating flyers and posters using graphics available on-line. I do plan on making a poster and/or creating a flyer using this technology (need English/Spanish versions) to help educate my patients/colleagues on the SSC intervention and I’m sure one or both of my daughters will gladly help me with this, for which I’m grateful.


The technology that I would like to see used is a turn sensor on patients to ensure they are being turned at least every two hours and at a 45-degree angle. This would ensure staff compliance with turns and to ensure off-loading of the sacrum where pressure injuries are common. The device collects data such as frequency of turns and angle of the patient (Pickham et.al, 2017). Studies have been done that illustrate this device’s effectiveness at reducing hospital acquired pressure injuries by promoting compliance and effective turning.

I have spoken to the manager of the surgical ICU regarding this device, he eluded to it being a possibility if the turn team trial does not work. The barrier to this device is budget. This device is not cheap, not reusable and would be applied to all the patients. Like any new practice or introduction of new devices, staff education regarding proper use is required to use the device effectively to promote optimal patient outcomes.


Pickham, D., Berte, N., Pihulic, M., Valdez, A., Mayer, B., & Desai, M. (2017). Effect of a wearable patient sensor on care delivery for preventing pressure injuries in acutely ill adults: A pragmatic randomized clinical trial (LS-HAPI study). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NURSING STUDIES, 80, 12–19. https://doi-org.lopes.idm.oclc.org/10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2017.12.012


Technology to improve evidence based practice implementation process is as follows; integration with an information system which applies artificial intelligence- medical practitioners who are supposed to learn new medical practices are advised as well as use new methodology that the system has to offer after a thorough research of the patient diagnosis. artificial intelligent assists medical practitioners in making wise decisions.

Barriers that implement technology use is as follows; Technology reliance may result in misinformed choices which can lead to fatality. Technology systems at times fails at critical junctures leaving the doctor and patient in jeopardy. Technology implementation can be expensive which may result in the hospital administration operating in losses and debts lowering efficiency in the organization. Change in technology can render the system redundant with inventions of newly approved systems which can lead into wasteful use of money in the medical fraternity

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