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UWP, business writing – cover letter.

Skill List

Securities Brokers

I used to work as a securities broker in China Haitong Securities, and got a securities broker qualification certificate through an exam. I accept orders from clients on the stock exchange to buy and sell securities, and to buy and sell securities between the two parties.


I set up a recording studio in Hainan, China, and have been in business for 3 years. Main job is dubbing, renting recording studios, and creating/recording music. Now transferred to someone else to take over.

Personal Secretary

I served as the personal secretary of the chairman of a big data company for 3 months, helping him handle private business, driving, business trips, etc.

Music Producer

Since I founded a recording studio, I is also a music producer, and have given soundtracks to well-known Chinese advertisers and film creations. Published a total of 3 songs and more than ten demos.


While operating the recording studio, I was responsible for running and leading my own team to achieving profitability. Frequently do market research, employee psychological construction, team future planning, etc.

Service Capabilities

Securities Brokers and Personal Secretaries are dedicated to one-to-one services for customers, and meet the requirements of customers, and already responsible to customers.


In the personal secretarial industry, you must communicate with different employees and achieve the purpose you want. You also need to maintain daily communication and planning with your boss.

Network Resources

I have often transferred between different cities since I was a child. I have met a lot of like-minded friends, as well as a lot of very capable friends, who can help at any time.

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