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I need help with my research paper idea and writing a short template for it.

Here are the instructions and layout for template.

Provide your Research Paper Proposal here. You can either write it in Canvas or you can upload a file.

The Research paper needs to be a full paragraph in length (5-7 substantial and substantive sentences), 12 point font, with a properly centered heading containing the title of “Research Paper Proposal” and your name. If you upload a file it should be double-spaced with 1″ margins on all sides. Follow the template if you need guidance; please let me know if you have any questions.

Research Paper Proposal

[Insert name here]

For my research paper project I will be discussing [insert your particular question, theory, topic, etc. here], which concerns the [insert the mythology, religion, people,culture, civilization, etc. here]. The reason I am researching this topic is because [put the reason you are researching this here, it could be general interest, or because you want to learn more about this subject, because you think the general history of the subject is incorrect, or a myriad of other reasons]. I hope to be able to find that [give your general hypothesis here on what you will find or what you hope to find about your topic here]. In researching this paper I will be using [place all relevant secondary sources here] and I will be following the expertise of [place scholarly authors here] who wrote [place scholarly sources here]. This is following the primary source evidence found in [place primary sources here]. I am pursuing the conclusion that [give your rough outline of what you think the conclusion of your findings will be].