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Sociology and religion

Sociology and religion

link to textbook read ch 15…

As you read chapter 15, note Durkheim’s analysis of religion and what he believes religion provides society: Social Cohesion, Social Control, and Meaning and Purpose. In particular, think about Social Control and do you think Religion provides society a means of social control?

  1. Do you think Religion provides society a means of social control? Explain.
  2. For this discussion list at least three ways/actions, you see religion providing social control in the everyday world? Give examples that affect people in society who do not go to church! For each way/action explain why and whether or not you believe it is positive or negative.
  3. Discuss how functionalism and conflict theory view religion and its role in society. Which theory do you agree with? Why? Explain.
  4. Remember to ask your classmates a question at the end of your initial post!
  5. Remember that all discussions require you to refer to course materials in your initial post!
  6. Your response should be at least three 8-9 sentence paragraphs (1 paragraph per way/action).

Discussion post instructions:

– Complete your posts and respond to at least two classmates. Complete original post and peer responses within the discussion time frame and on different days in the week. This allows you and your peers to have a continuation of the discussion.

– Write posts that are of sufficient length, relevant and reflect your deep understanding. Please include a question to encourage other students for further discussion. Refer to resources inside and outside the course using accurate APA citation.

– Posts should be encouraging and respective with proper grammar usage.