Simple Business ethical writing paper

Brief goal :

3 to 4 pages (900-1200 words count)

1) Articulate your personal, professional, and organizational values,

2) Clarify the ethical dilemma using the critical-thinking questions, and

3) Describe the application of your values in making the decision.

Detailed writing instruction:

Write/upload paper on using your values to make ethical decisions

As you gain more information about ethical decision making, you will be better able to imagine how you might act as an ethical business owner. The article listed in the reference at the bottom of this page, by Thompson (2008), will give you some practical guidance. Read this article for examples of values in the three categories and give at least ONE excerpt from the article to show me that you have read it.

Write a 3-4 page paper (see syllabus for formatting specifics):

Part I:
I) Make a short, easy to use list of values which will be your guidelines for decisions in the workplace:



Organizational (values that guide employees):

Part II:

a) use the four “critical thinking” questions named in the novel–rule of thumb #3– to clarify the issues of the ethical dilemma, and

b) you are to apply your own values in making a decision about what you would do.

In other words, your final paper should:

1) articulate your personal, professional, and organizational values,

2) clarify the ethical dilemma using the critical-thinking questions, and

3) describe the application of your values in making the decision of what you would do. (Note: There is no right or wrong answer, but all three areas must be addressed.)


Put yourself in the place of a small business owner in the situation that Bailey is facing. Your dilemma is this:

No one knows that you have found the valuable “Excellent Lady” letter among the books; however, you have been approached by a person who is a known ‘book scout’ and wants to buy the letter from you in order to sell it to a private collector.

He has arranged to meet you through Bailey’s first attorney and has guaranteed you confidentiality so that no one will know that the letter has been discovered.

He wants to meet you at the Law Firm LLC and has offered to pay you $250,000 in cash for the letter.

However, the appointment is set for after hours and he has given you a phone number to call when you have arrived at the building. He says he will open the door for you.

Part III:

Because you are citing the article in your paper, you will need to add a Reference section:

Example of the proper reference: Note: change the date to reflect the day you found the article.

Thompson, R. (2008, September). Short-Term profit vs. long-term gain: Is honesty still the best policy? Physician Executive, 34(5), 80-82. Retrieved December 18, 2012, from Business Source Premier database.

TIP: to find the article which is required reading for the Week 3 paper, go to PRIMO link via Kellenberger Library. In the first search box, enter the words: short term profit, and in the second box, enter the author’s name: Thompson, click search to find the complete article. Click on PDF/full text to pull up a document you can read. Please note that the PDF will show page numbers which you should use when giving an in-text citation (for the excerpt as required in the assignment). For example, “Genuine ethical behavior stimulates change where change is needed” (Thompson, 2008, p. 82).

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