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Required reading: Intro to Film Genres, “Introduction.”

Film viewing: Introduction to Film,

Introduction to Film (Links to an external site.)Introduction to Film min)

Part A:

Then here, write a 300-word paragraph on one of your favorite film (sub)genres. List some elements/rules of that (sub)genre. Cite 2 example films from that (sub)genre and why you like them. Refer to something you learned in the YouTube film above.

Part B:

Please reply to at least one other student.

Peers’ post ( should write the response to this):

My favorite movie genre is the hybrid comedy-drama. Comedy-drama films have dramatic tone and still address serious, emotionally-driven issues, but is balanced out with comedic relief. I’m a very emotional thinker and easily swayed with a sob story, but I really love the comedic breaks in comedy-dramas because it keeps the film from carrying too much emotional weight. Although I enjoy a heavy movie every now and then, most often I don’t want to watch something that’s going to make me too upset. On the other hand, I find myself cringing at many straight comedy movies, especially slapstick, which I haven’t found to be used as much in comedy-dramas. To me, comedy-dramas have the perfect balance of emotional investment and lightheartedness.

One comedy-drama I really like is Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump tackles a lot of difficult issues of life in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and early 80s; Forrest being non-neurotypical, the effects of the Vietnam War, abusive families and drug abuse. However, the movie is still very endearing because of the light, comedic moments. For example, when Forrest enlists in the army, the scenes of his early experiences in the war are lightened with the descriptions of the shrimping business and different types of rain, rather than focus on the negative aspects of it. The comedy and drama work together in these scenes, because the comedy relieves the audience from the harshness of the Vietnam War, but makes the scene where Forrest runs into the jungle to try and save everyone even more heartbreaking by contrast.

Another comedy-drama I really like is Little Miss Sunshine. Some difficult themes being tackled in this movie are: mental health because of the uncle’s suicide attempt; the grandfather’s drug abuse and subsequent overdose; the brother discovering he’s colorblind, resulting in his inability to achieve his dream of becoming a pilot; and the overall dynamic of a dysfunctional family. However, the movie is lightened by Olive’s desire to win the pageant by being her sweet, goofball self.

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