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Rhetorical Analysis and Summary Exercise, Second Reading

Rhetorical Analysis and Summary Exercise, Second Reading

Read “What Nobody Told Me About Small Organic Farming: I Can’t Make a Living
by Jaclyn Moyer. As you read, make marks in the margin or on a
separate piece of paper when you notice aspects of the article that you
find interesting or surprising.

Part 1 (101 Review):

Once you have finished reading and taking notes, right a short
(minimum 400 words) response of your initial impressions. Include
rhetorical analysis: What kind of purpose do you believe the authors had
for writing this essay? How do you know? What kinds of choices do the
authors make that help you come to this conclusion? Who is the audience
for this article? How do you know?

Part 2 (Summary):

Write a 250-word summary of “What Nobody Told Me About Organic Farming: I Can’t Make a Living.” Your summary should:

  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of the authors’ ideas using your own words
  • Describe the authors’ moves in the article, not plot points
  • Focus on key points, not details
  • Remain objective, avoiding first person (“I”) and second person (“You”)

Begin your summary by using the author’s last name and a verb, such
as “Bittman, et al, believe that…” or later, “The authors claim that…”

Part 3 (Response):

Write a brief (200 words), informal, and clear response to the
authors’ ideas. You could disagree with the author (and explain why),
agree partially (and explain why), agree fully and expand on what the
authors say with your own ideas, etc. It is acceptable but not necessary
to use the first person in your response. For example, you might begin
your response with, “I agree with the authors, but they fail to