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please respond to leticia with 250 words

Rhythmicity: I scored at a 3 somewhere in between because for the most part I like to be on a set schedule when it comes to the times I eat, sleep, and do chores. My cousin scored at a 1 (low) because she does not like to be on a set schedule, she likes to do things when she wants. I like to have my day planned and organized as much as I can, it varies from do to day which makes my cousin and I very different in this area.

Activity level: I rated high in activity (5). I am busy daily and am always on the move. I always jump from one activity to another and enjoy being active. My cousin rated low in activity. She does not like to keep busy and is not an active person whatsoever. We also differ in this area as I am a very active person and she is not.

Approach withdrawal: I rated at a 4 in approach. I do well in new situations and enjoy meeting new people. I have no issue approaching anyone, I am very friendly. My cousin also rated a 4. She does fairly well in new situations and with new people. She is not a shy person and will approach people. My cousin and I are pretty similar in this are and both like to meet new people.

Persistence: I rated a 3. I am persistent when I have to be. I will keep at something that is important to me. My cousin rated at high persistence. She focuses on one thing at a time and is determined on what it is she may be doing, for example a puzzle. The difference between my cousin and myself is she is determined to get something done that is placed in front of her whatever it may be, as for myself I am only determined to get something done if its something may make a difference or if I find an interest.

Adaptability: I adapt quickly. I adapt very well to change , in fact I enjoy change very much. My cousin adapts to certain changes such as moving but not in following new rules. I welcome change in my life, as for my cousin certain changes in her life can be quite hard for her to adjust to.

Quality of mood: I’d like to say for the most part I’m in a good mood (positive). My cousin is always in a bad mood (negative). She loves to complain about everything and nothing seems to make her happy. I stay happy as long as I have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. As stated in the text

Distractibility: If I am in the middle of doing something that requires me to be focused and I hear a noise or something exciting is going on it will definitely take my attention away from what I am doing. My cousin is easily distracted and has a short attention span. Like the text says my cousin has “difficulty in concentrating and difficulty paying attention when engaged in an activity” (Allard & Hunter, Temperament Continuum).

Threshold of responsiveness: People don’t have to work hard to get my attention and I respond quickly. For my cousin it takes a firm voice to get her attention otherwise she just ignores you.

Intensity of reaction: I am definitely not a drama queen when it comes to my reactions good or bad. I believe I am a mellow person. My cousin is a big drama queen and overreacts to anything that happens good or bad. I always do my best to remain calm in any situation and my cousin will do the complete opposite of that. My cousin has intense negative emotions and strong reactions (Allard & Hunter, Temperament Continuum).

My cousin annoys me because you can’t reason with her. She is disobedient and makes it very hard to be around her. She loves to talk back and give people a hard time.


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