** Reading Novel Presentation Project****

Your final project presentation is to be a ten minute long oral presentation with a visual component.

The name of the novel: Beloved by Toni Morrison’s

Your presentation should include the following:

A book summary – give an overview of the novel. This is to include (but not limited to):

the setting (time and place),

major characters,

the literary themes explored,

and the major conflict and resolution.

A book review –

Please discuss what made you select this book

Would you recommend this book for others to read?

why (or why not)?

Two developmental theories –

Describe the two major theories you selected for your project.

Give a detailed overview of the theories including:

the major components,

who created the theory,

when it was developed,

and the foundational beliefs/assumptions that underlie the theories.

Apply each theory to the main character (or character of choice).

According to the theory/theorist which developmental stage(s) did you character experience in this novel?

How would your theorist evaluate or assess the character?

Using these theories what are the major impacts and influences on your character?

Discuss how effective you believe these theories are when it comes to your character. Questions to consider are:

Did the theorist do well in explain your characters development?

Were the theories capable of capturing or explaining all the experiences of your character?

Are these theories a good “fit”?

Given your characters identity Are these theories valid to use?

Why or why not?


You should read the novel by yourself and applied your own critical analysis. Please read the novel, don’t just summaries online. Additionally, you need to give a thorough explanation as to how the Developmental theories apply to the main character. This is the bulk of the project.

Below are the developmental theories:

1.Piaget’s Theory

2.Freud’s psychosexual development

3.Vygotsky sociocultural development

4.Kohlberg moral development

5.Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory
6. 8 Stages of Development by Erik Erikson


I want written presentation including intro, body, and conclusion. TWO File are need to be attached Word Document and PowerPoint.

*** Please read the novel, don’t just summaries online.

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