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Part 1- Read the following article and produce a written response of 2-3 paragraphs that presents the major points made in the article. What is the major message? Also present a direct quotation from the article that you believe is the most important language and explain your selection. please see attached ” academy dishonesty”

Part 2- This soldier delivered this speech after his fellow soldiers were killed in a suicide bomb attack in Kabul, Afganistan. After the speech, the officer was immediately fired. Do you agree with this decision? Why or why not? please use this link…

Part 3- The enclosed article explores the moral and ethical issues associated with organ donor situations. Present 5 important points addressed in a written response.please see attached ” organ donors”

Part 4- What are the big issues associated with Big Tech and censorship. Do you think this is a problem? Make 2-3 connections to the essay in your response. please use this link…

Part 5- The following exchange between Dr. Fauci and Senator Ron Paul. Watch the exchange and address moral and ethical issues that emerge from the situation. Response should be a few paragraphs. please use this link

Part 6- See attached document and 1) create an essay that addresses one of the topics. Include a brief introduction, middle paragraphs and a conclusion. 2) Create and deliver a Powerpoint Presentation on the topic you used to write an essay. please see attached “60 philosophy argumentative essay topics”

Part 7- What do you think about this interview? Do you believe the whistle blower? please use this link…

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