Module #1 Assessment – Essay Component


Answer the following essay questions in a Word document. State your answers in your own words, in complete sentences, and give complete answers/explanations with examples where applicable. Please name your Word document “Last name, First name – Essay1” and your Microsoft Project document “Last name, First name – MSProject1” (Lin Li)

  1. The Project Management Body of Knowledge published by the Project Management Institute identifies five process groups. Briefly identify and describe each of these five process groups and provide examples of activities that would be performed in each of the process groups. (10 points)
  2. Describe the relationship between portfolios, programs, projects, and sub-projects. Research a company online and discuss their portfolios, programs, and projects (and possibly also sub-projects). In your opinion, does this organization of projects allow them to manage their projects more effectively? Why or why not. (10 points
  3. MS Project Exercise: (30 points)
  4. Complete the following in Microsoft Project 2013 or later:

  • Create a new blank project
  • Change this project so that all tasks are “autoscheduled” (1 point)
  • Set the project start date to be February 1, 2020 (1 point)
  • Display the project summary task (Task 0) (1 point)
  • Mark the tasks as milestones with 0 days duration (5 points)
  • Add the following deadlines (10 points)
    • Requirements Gathered – February 27, 2020
    • Design Complete- March 15, 2020
    • Equipment Order Complete – March 30, 2020
    • Coding Complete – April 10, 2020
    • Testing Complete – May 15, 2020
    • Equipment Installation Complete – June 6, 2020
    • Implementation Complete – July 2, 2020
    • Documentation Complete – July 10, 2020
    • Training Complete – August 10, 2020
    • Project Complete – August 30, 2020
    • Save the project as “Last name, First name – MSProject1” (2 points) (Lin Li)
  • Add the following milestone tasks: (10 points)
    • Requirements Gathered
    • Design Completed
    • Equipment Order Complete
    • Coding Complete
    • Testing Complete
    • Equipment Installation Complete
    • Implementation Complete
    • Documentation Complete
    • Training Complete
    • Project Complete

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