Methods and Analysis of Prevention of Pressure Ulcers in Geriatric Population Section of EBP Proposal

Methods and Analysis Prevention of Pressure Ulcers in Geriatric Population Section of the EBP Proposal (5% of Total Grade)

Due- Week 6

Length- No more than 15 double–spaced pages (The number of pages includes the introduction, theoretical framework, literature review, AND the methods and analysis pages. The number of pages does NOT include the cover or the reference pages).

Format– Use APA format for the paper and for the reference list (DO NOT USE “I”)

In week 4, you submitted the revised introduction to your EBP proposal, which included the research question or statement and the background and clinical significance of your EBP project.

You also submitted the nursing (or other discipline’s) theory that provides the framework for your EBP and you submitted your literature review on the topic you have chosen. You have reviewed nursing articles and perhaps you have identified the gaps in the literature on your topic. You are on your way to becoming an expert on the topic that you have chosen for the EBP!

This week’s assignment asks you to describe how you are going to conduct your EBP and then how you plan to analyze the data once you have completed the EBP.

Your detailed descriptions in this section should be written so that anyone reading it could perform the project as you have described it.

Therefore, you will want to review your readings on the methods and analysis sections of a proposal and you will consult with your instructor to get guidance on the methods and analysis section, if needed, to make sure you are on the right track.

Assignment Guidelines:

1. Complete all of the required readings up to and including week 5, paying particular attention to the readings that cover methods and analysis. You may want to review the PowerPoint from week 1, “How to Write a Research Proposal.”

2. Include the corrected sections of your paper: The corrected sections that should be submitted along with the methods and analysis section are the: introduction, theoretical framework, and literature review.

3. Determine the research design for your project (E.g., qualitative, quantitative, mixed-method, etc.).Will you implement a new policy? Will you perform an intervention? Will you be doing surveys or focus groups? Remember, this project should be reproducible for anyone reading your proposal, so be very specific.

4. Describe your population. What are the inclusion criteria? What are the exclusion criteria? How you will recruit your participants? How many participants will you have? What is your justification for the number of participants? Is there a control group? In what setting will you be working with the participants? Do you have support from the setting in which you will be working? Describe the support.

6. Define how you will protect your participants? How will you protect the data that you collect?

5. Explain what methods will be used to analyze the data from your project. Will you use a software program like SPSS? Will you use a statistician to help analyze the data?

6. Illustrate the timeline for your project (Eg., Week 1: Submit the proposal to IRB and get approval from the setting in which you will be conducting the EBP; Week 2, review data analysis software programs and consult with the instructor to determine which one is appropriate for use; Week 3-6 (assuming proposal has been approved by IRB), conduct project and collect data. Week 7-8, analyze data, and submit findings).

7. Follow APA format including cover page, header, in-text citations, and reference list.

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