Marketing Project Plan Essay- It should be about 4-5 Pages.

The Company I Chose is “Minute Maid”, Basically it’s a market planning essay, I have to write an essay on the Marketing Mix of Minute Maid

  1. Product
  2. Place/Distribution

IV MARKETING MIX (Product/Place)

  1. Does the firm seek to achieve its objective chiefly through coordinated use of marketing activities (product, place, promotion, and pricing) or only through intensive promotion?


  1. What are the major product/service offerings of the firm? Do they complement each other, or is there unnecessary duplication?
  2. What are the features and benefits of each product offering?
  3. Where are the firm and each major product in the life cycle?
  4. What are the pressures among various target markets to increase or decrease the range and quality of products?
  5. What are the major weaknesses in each product area? What are the major complaints? What goes wrong most often?
  6. Is the product name easy to pronounce? Spell? Recall? Is it descriptive, and does it communicate the benefits the product offers? Does the name distinguish the firm or product from all others?
  7. What warranties are offered with the product? Are there other ways to guarantee customer satisfaction?
  8. Does the product offer good customer value?
  9. How is customer service handled? How is service quality assessed?


  1. Should the firm try to deliver its offerings directly to customers, or can it better deliver selected offerings by involving other organizations? What channel(s) should be used in distributing product offerings?
  2. What physical distribution facilities should be used? Where should they be located? What should be their major characteristics?
  3. Are members of the target market willing and able to travel some distance to buy the product?
  4. How good is access to facilities? Can access be improved? Which facilities need priority attention in these areas?
  5. How are facility locations chosen? Is the site accessible to the target markets? Is it visible to the target markets?
  6. What are the location and atmosphere of retail establishments? Do these retailers satisfy customers?
  7. When are products made available to users (season of year, day of week, time of day)? Are these times most appropriate?

These are the requirements that should be in the essay.

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