Marketing and Finance Assignment

You are requested to pick a local organization in which you have a strong personal interest in order to conduct your analysis. If you choose to analyze a very large organization, pick one department or an office (some sub-unit of the organization) on which to focus your analysis. You can select an organization in which you might be interested in working after graduation, or an organization that is a very significant player in a sector in which you plan to work or already work or an organization where someone you know works.

The ultimate purpose of this choice is to allow you to develop your ability to use the conceptual frameworks, theories, practices, models and tools that you have studied in B629 and hence to apply them to real situations.

This TMA has threequestions.

You are supposed to answer your TMA in 1900 words. Only a 10% deviation from the word count limit is acceptable.Critical discussion and link between theoretical frameworks and their real, practical applications in the chosen organization should be clearly highlighted. You are also expected to refer to external references to provide more evidence to your discussion. The questions in this assignment are about different concepts of marketingin relation to the selected organizations.

For all questions, your answer has to be in an essay format divided into introduction, body and conclusion. Students have to provide critical analysis and be innovative in their answer and not only descriptive.


Question 1 (30 marks)

Explain the main market segmentation methods used in the selectedorganization. In your opinion, what segmentation method(s) will be most effective in the organization, and why? (600 words).

Question 2 (35 marks)

When the market segments attractive to the organisation have been identified, managers need to decide how the organisation is going to target these segments.

In light of this statement, evaluate the targeting approach that is implemented in the selected organization. Outline and discuss the criteria for targeting used in the organization? (650 words).

Question 3 (35 marks)

Explain how the “communication model” is applied in the selected organisation to communicate with the target audience. Discuss the “promotion” activities undertaken in the selected organization to communicate effectively with the organization’s customers, and assess the benefits generated from such promotion activities. (650words).

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