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MAN4720 4 page Current Event Using Porter’s 5 forces

Twice this term you will be asked to complete a current event analysis. Choose two different articles on which to provide analysis and reflection. You must select articles that were featured in the print edition of The Wall Street Journal or The Economist (e.g. blogs on that website are not acceptable). Only articles from the print editions are acceptable for this assignment. Analysis should take AT LEAST 4 pages, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced. Also, scan/photocopy the printed article and include this on the last page (as proof of print edition, not necessarily for professor to read).

Current Event #2—Porter’s Five Forces

Select an article about an industry, then analyze that industry using Porter’s Five Forces (you will use your critical thinking skills to apply knowledge beyond that contained in the article).

oDevote a separate paragraph to each force.

oStart each paragraph by identifying who or what you are talking about in each section. For example, in the bargaining power of the buyers’ section, start by explaining who the buyers are.

oRate each force as high, medium, or low and explain why.

oFinally, decide if this an attractive industry to enter from an entrepreneurial perspective? Write a final paragraph explaining why or why not.

oUse reasoning in support, terms from the lectures, and logic, not just your opinion.

oEmphasize the evidence and build on it.

oAs this is an essay question, please use the rules of good grammar, sentence structure, etc.

oYou will be graded on the following 5 areas: Application of industry issues, Use of appropriate terminology, Development of argument via examples, Analysis and evaluation, and your Writing and organization

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