Legal Memorandum

Length – At least 2 pages double spaced. It can be any length that long or longer but be concise.

Format – It is important to follow the format shown in the template in Blackboard. A legal memorandum

should be neutral in tone.

Important: Do not put your name on your paper, please put your student ID on it instead so that you

will be graded anonymously.

How to submit – through Blackboard in this folder.

Possible topics – Any legal issue in international law. Examples:

  • Should marijuana be legal in Jamaica (see the case) and under federal law in the US?
  • Does/did President Trump have the authority to take the US out of the Paris agreement on
  • climate change?

  • Is there evidence that President Trump colluded with Russians to get elected? If so did that
  • violate U.S. election law; is he truly our president; and should he be impeached?

  • Issues in immigration law such as the legality of President Trump’s executive order to ban
  • immigration from Muslim countries, or separating illegal alien parents from children born in the


  • Is circumcision legal under international law?
  • Was it legal for the US to participate in the Iraq war?
  • Was it legal for the United States to bomb Syria for using chemical weapons?
  • What has President Trump’s impact been on the post World War II liberal world order based on
  • international law, and on institutions such as NATO and the European Union, and his influence

    on Brexit? Or if you like President Trump, argue that he has upheld and helped enforce

    international law and advanced its goals.

  • Any other issue in public international law (the law of nations; immigration; and comparative
  • law, comparing the laws of different nations) of interest to you.

  • Since we are studying public international law during this half of the course, do not write about
  • issues in private or international business law. You will be writing a persuasive essay about a

    topic in that field.

  • Also, you can write about any issue in comparative international law. That is, compare the laws
  • in one or more nations on a particular topic to laws of one or more other nations. E.g., perhaps

    prostitution is legal in one country but not another. You could compare the laws and give

    arguments for both positions, then make a recommendation.

    As always, cite some international law.

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