Journal Part 1 0f 4

  • JOURNAL: A collection of weekly journal entries for THREE of the remaining weeks.Each week you write about a page responding to the following questions:
    • How are you experiencing the Corona Virus pandemic?How is it affecting you/your family/friends/coworkers/clients?
    • What are your concerns, fears, questions, emotions this week?Have they changed?If so, how?
    • In what ways do you think the effects of the virus you are experiencing are related to policy/ies?
    • Do you think any important policy/ies have been made or changed this week?If so, what are they and what do you think of it/them?
    • What do you think are the most important policies gov’t (at any level) needed that week based on what you are experiencing, witnessing, hearing, etc., AND how would/could/are you advocate/ing for them and/or addressing needs at a practical level?
  • You get a max of 4 points for every question that you answer; so, you answer each question.The goal is to track your experience of the virus over time.
  • You do not need formal references in the weekly submissions, but you can and should refer to the names of author’s whose policies, research, arguments, etc that you refer to.
  • Final submission: At the end of the semester, you have a week to collect all entries into one document worth the other 40 %.Use this time to read through them, and organize them how you like, but maintain separate headings for each week.
  • Add a half page summary/introduction and A half page conclusion.
  • Double-spaced, typed in standard font, using references.
  • 1 page in length per journal
  • References:At least 3 sources using sources from handouts, syllabus, blackboard, or quality materials from other classes or your own research

**Use footnotes or in text references with a bibliography

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