I want a PowerPoint presentation like an Essay for Cause and Effect rhetorical style, Topic;” The Pressure on Students to get good grades” including 3 sources.

– Topic; ” The Pressure on Students to get good grades”

– a power point with 13-15 slides which tells the story instead of a formal essay. ” Cause and Effect rhetorical style

– I want to be a high school PowerPoint Writing.

– It should be around 13 to 15 slides.

The 3 sources should be in the body paragraphs, and the sources must end in ” .net or .org or .edu ” and must include a work cited page in MLA Format.

– I already wrote the thesis statement and it should be in one slide and the the slide should be titled Thesis Statement. it also should be in the third or forth slide like at the end of introduction,It should be underlined.

Thesis Statement: ” the pressure on students to get good grades have a few negative effects that put them is a miserable situation which usually lead them to depression, mental health, and cheating on their exams”.

1- I want the first 3 or 4 sides to be the introduction. talking about The “Pressure on Students to get good grades

2- the next 4 or 3 slides should be The first body paragraph, talking about” Depression” and include the first source.

3- the next 3 slides should be the the second body paragraph, talking about ” Mental Health” and include the second source.

4- the next 3 or 4 slides should be the last body paragraph, talking about” Cheating on their exams” and include the last source.

5- the next 3 slides should should be the conclusion.

Notice, The last slide should be the work cited in MLA format.

any questions, let me know.

Thank you.

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