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➢ Purpose::

1) Demonstrate knowledge of important rhetorical concepts such as audience, purpose, genre, and context.

2) Identify and analyze rhetorical and organizational strategies from a variety of texts and employ appropriate strategies to compose thesis-driven essays.

➢ Audience: A comic book fan who has already read Fahrenheit 451

. ➢ Point-of-View: 3rd person (avoid “I” or “you” pronouns in this paper)

➢ Requirements:

o The MLA-formatted essay must be 1,200-1,500 words. No Works Cited page is necessary.

o Students must embed 5-10 relevant images from the graphic novel. Google Image Search is a great option for finding a specific image. If using a digital copy, you can also take a screen shot with your device. If using a hard copy, you can take a picture with your phone.

o Ray Bradbury is the writer; Tim Hamilton is the artist; it is important to distinguish between the two when giving credit for an example.

o Students must highlight their essays using the pattern below before submitting the rough draft or final draft in PDF form on Canvas.

▪ Thesis (Argument)=Yellow (Introduction)

▪ Topic Sentences (Claims)=Green (Body Paragraphs)

Key Question

Which strategies do the creators employ in order to further their claims and enhance the reader’s experience, and how did these strategies make the story more effective and accessible to the reader?

➢ Tips for Being Successful:

o Your essay should focus on evaluating the graphic novel’s rhetorical elements and should avoid personal opinions. In other words, this is not an agree/disagree exercise.

o For each body paragraph, provide both written and visual examples from the graphic novel. In addition to actually embedding images from the graphic novel, be sure to describe what is happening or what something looks like when analyzing it.

o Choose an effective structure for your paper. Here is a suggested pattern:

▪ Introduction

: • Begin with 1-2 sentences about the topic: comic books/graphic novels.

• Briefly summarize the significance of the graphic novel in 1-2 sentences.

• Introduce the two men who collaborated on this work by full name.

• End with a thesis statement that addresses the key question.

▪ Body Paragraphs:

• Aim for 3-4 body paragraphs. You can organize your paragraphs by ethos, pathos, and logos. However, you can also take a different approach by focusing on strategies that are more specific to comics/graphic novels.

• Below is a list of possible types of questions to ask yourself as you think about how to tackle your discussion of strategies. Do not attempt to simply build a paragraph around each and every question, as there would be overlap. These are just to prompt your critical thinking.

o Which rhetorical appeals (logos, pathos, ethos) were used to build characters within the story?

o What aspects of the story make the reader question the logic or ethics of this society or certain characters?

o Were certain colors used to enhance emotions (the appeal to pathos), such as fear, happiness, sadness, nostalgia, outrage, etc.?

o Were certain objects (symbols) or the expressions/movements of characters used to enhance or demonstrate the emotions of characters (appeal to pathos)?

▪ Conclusion:

• Begin by restating your thesis in different words (do not copy and paste).

• Reiterate your key points.

• End with a global (general statement) about the topic of comic books/graphic novels or the importance of Fahrenheit 451 or rhetorical analysis.

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